How big is your squat? Find out at Squatmas, the Christmas squat competition, organised by Out Lift Barbell Club, the LGBT powerlifting and weightlifting club. 

It will be take place on Sunday 8th of December at Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club, the country’s most historic powerlifting and weightlifting club, established in 1926.


Lifters will do three single squats, the heaviest becoming their total, this will then be used to calculate points using a coefficient which takes into account lifters differing body weight. The lifters with the most points will win medals. 

All lifters must weigh in will be between 10 am until 11 am when there will be a lifters’ briefing. 

For the rules for the competition CLICK HERE 

Please read them even if you have done a meet before and definitely read them if you haven’t! Any questions you may have can also be answered if you e-mail